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Will you become the new owner of the NMK (reserve) champion in three years?  
The brown Rosa-Amanda (Alexandro P x Farrington) is born on February 19, 2021 and became reserve champion of the filly at the NMK, while her full sister Nina-Amanda became national champion of the three-year-olds. In sports, in 2021 her full sisters Ida- and Kaya-Amanda on the Hippiade took 3rd place in the pairs and became the other full sister NMK champion 2019, elite mare Layla-Amanda with the 16 year old Micky Schelstraete 3rd on the Hippiade in the M-dressage. In short: Rosa comes from a (gelders) litter of inspection champions who are all-round be deployable.  
Rosa-Amanda is the 12th filly (of which 11 by Alexandro P) from the ster preferent Amanda II, after she was the first foal had brought the keur mare Eva-Amanda from Upperville. Full sister of Rosa, namely Godiva-, Hanna-, Ida-, Kaya- (85 conformation, 80 moves), Layla-Amanda (85/85), Mia-Amanda (80/80), Nina-Amanda (80/85) was honored as national (reserve) inspection champion in the foals/three year olds resp. judge mares.  
The grandmother of Rosa-Amanda is also the grandmother of the the approved stallion Henkie (Alexandro P x Upperville), who with Adelinde Cornelissen took part in the World Championships for Young Horses in Ermelo.  

Rosa-Amanda deserves a sporty ambitious rider/amazon, such as Young Riders Micky Schelstraete and Coco Soffers the champion mares Layla-Amanda and Nina-Amanda in dressage sport (will).
On photo 3 from top left clockwise Godiva, Hanna, Mia, Ida, Layla, Jo, Kaya with Nina-Amanda in the middle, 8 full sisters who became NVK and/or NMK (reserve) champion. 


Sire Alexandro P
preferent ZZ Zwaar
Sire of sire Koss
pref Z2-dressuur
s.s.s. El Corona van Amor
m.s.s. Erona van Gousmid
keur pref prestatie
Dam of sire Itilde
keur pref
d.s.d. Satelliet van Marconi
m.m.s. Fitilde van Uriant
voorlopig keur preferent
Mother Amanda II
prestatie preferent voorlopig keur pref
Sire of dam Farrington
s.s.d. Wellington van Nimmerdor
keur 1.60 springen
m.s.m. Onetty van Doruto
Dam of dam Jamanda
keur sport Z dressuur
s.d.d. Zep van Goudsmid
d.d.d. Amanda van Unitas
ster prestatie


Evenement Jaartal Categorie Plaats geëindigd
Dag van het Gelders Paard 2021 merrieveulens 3de
Nationale Veulenkeuring 2021 merrieveulens 2de
Stamboekkeuring Ermelo 2024 3 jarige merries ster
Dag van het Gelderse Paard 2024 uitgenodigd voor de NMK voorlopig keur