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5 star house wanted for beautiful 9 year old falcon colored gelding of +- 1.70 high. Baron X Cocktail X Sultan.

After long doubts, the owner has decided to look for another owner for Hyper.
This is because she has several horses, and she herself cannot ride Hyper.
Hyper likes to work and really enjoys interacting with his people, which he just lacks at the moment.
Sales are therefore not in a hurry, it is absolutely important that Hyper ends up well.

I broke in Hyper myself 4 years ago, in between he was not ridden for periods and I am now quietly picking him up again from the beginning.
Hyper is a sensitive horse, responds to the smallest aids I myself have always experienced as nice. Are you not yet very sensitive in your aids or are you not used to sensitive horses, Hyper is probably not a match with you.
An experienced rider who rides clearly, softly and honestly with a quiet hand is therefore important.
Hyper is very honest, has never  bucked, reared or ran off uncontrollably.
If he finds something exciting, he becomes rather nervous, preferring to crawl into your pocket. 
Are you self-confident and unimpressed, there is little going on and this nervousness will disappear.
He always gave me a safe feeling on his back through his honesty, what he simply lacks here is regularity in training. That would benefit him both mentally and physically!

Under the saddle, he is also a willing and happy horse with a very soft mouth and he has been given a correct basis.
Never makes a strong case while driving, is very good forward and just as easy to ride back.
Also familiar with side gaits and used to do a small jump, that's a long time ago. Hyper learns very quickly and likes everything equally. In terms of ability, he is at L level, he must of course be picked up regularly. He will continue to be trained until sales.
Everything you teach him will stick, even after standing still for a while. In short, a very nice rideable horse that needs a little confidence from the rider.
Next to it is a big cuddly butt with a small heart.

He is correctly built, and stands upright on his feet. We are not aware of any injuries, he has never had a problem here. His entire history is known.

His character is very good, regular training will do him very good.
Trying out under the saddle is in principle not possible with us the first time, this so that his built-up confidence is not damaged. However, if it is clear that you are experienced enough, we can always review that again.
If you have a genuine interest in Hyper, I you are welcome to come and have a look several times, as we are not in a hurry with the sale, there is plenty of time for that.
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All inspections allowed at buyer's expense. The asking price is 5000, absolutely negotiable with a permanently good house. Saddle and bridle may be included.


Sire Baron
Sire of sire Burbon
s.s.s. Alkazar
m.s.s. Bekaria
Dam of sire Klarka
d.s.d. Almhirt Tynsky
m.m.s. Karmen
Mother Joplin
Sire of dam Cocktail
s.s.d. Purioso
m.s.m. Ulissa
keur; pref; prest. fok
Dam of dam Farah
s.d.d. Sultan
d.d.d. Wesley
ster; pref; prest.fok