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Unique, breathtaking! Fantastically trained.
Absolutely unique and rare chance to be able to buy something like this.
Highly successful stallion, 3 x 2nd champion in the German Friesian Cup, highest class L and also state championships for baroque riding.

170cm tall show sport Friesian stallion with XXL mane (mane is 170cm) and XXL tail.
From the athletically successful breeding line "fan`e Sjongedyk" Extremely low inbreeding factor as the breeding line is almost extinct! Papers still ORGINAL NL! Imported in 2017 via TED Kopjansen. Owner Anke Söker!

Rarely to find basic gaits in wonderful quality. Very good step steps 1.5 hooves over the impression. Expressive round gallop. Very elegant trot. 08/21/2021 Update: X-ray images from the end of July 2021 with top results,

New professional Grand Prix saddle ordered for Jitze (August 2021) for € 5,700 (can be purchased with) Top health and rarely available!
Pedigree: Andries 415 x Piter born May 31, 2011 169-170cm Men 175cm, very thick, beautiful tail Unique and one-of-a-kind, this stallion amazes the audience and simply inspires everyone.

He makes his show and is still tradable and presents itself as you would expect from a showman. He knows exactly who he is and stands there like the celebrities of the evening. He is fearless and yet clever, absolutely fresh and full of energy.
With a lot of zest for life, he still runs well and is very easy to act. Jitze knows things like fog and different lighting effects, motorcycles and much more. He shows respect but not fear and always remains loyal to the rider. He loves performances and the audience and always wants to be on stage. He also goes out with me very often to ride out and loves that very much. He is always manageable and fearless. He is particularly fond of children.
Private sale, only Jitze, no other horses available!


Sire Andries 415
Ster Sport
Sire of sire
Dam of sire
Mother Pieter
Ster Sport
Sire of dam
Dam of dam


Evenement Jaartal Categorie Plaats geëindigd
Frisian Cup Germany 2017 L 2. Cup Master Winner of Points
Frisain Cup Germany 2018 L 2. Cup Master Winner of Points
Frisian Cup Germany 2019 L 2. Cup Master Winner of Points
Frisian Cup Germany 2020 L Winner Single Test
Exhibitions Horse and Hound 2019 Show
different Breeding Shows 2017-2021 Show
Show Contest 2019 Light show
Horse Magazines 2017-2021 Foto-Model