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Stallion foal out of a strong dam line of Escape Z x Lord Z. Nice strong and correctly built jumping foal with an appealing front. Born end of June 2021. Easy going.
Quality is anchored in the genes: Escape Z, who is ridden under Harrie Smolders at 1.55 m, impresses with his jumping quality, sensitivity and the way he gets off the ground quickly jumps. Escape is a young stallion by Emerald van 't Ruytershof. His dam, Gill, is an elite mare by Lord Z, who is successfully released in the 1.45m. The great-grandmother, Relinda V, jumped in the 1.60m class under Angelique Horn.
For information, please contact Karin Zuylen: 06-29596026.


Sire Escape Z
Hengst 2012 Vos 1.65 m ZANG 056015Z55809912 Stb. Ggk.: AES, BWP, ZANG 1,55m Spr.
Sire of sire Emerald van 't Ruytershof
BWP 056002W00233177 BWP_Ambassadeur 2004 Vos 1.70 m Ggk.: BAVAR, BWP, HOLST, KWPN, OLDBG, SF, SWB 1,60m Spr.
s.s.s. Diamant de Semilly
SF 25000191446545F 1991 Bruin 1.73 m Ggk.: BWP, CHS, HOLST, SF, SI-UNIRE, ZANG 1,60m Spr.
m.s.s. Carthina Z
ZANG 056015Z55536700 2000 Vos 1,45m Spr.
Dam of sire Promesse
KWPN 528003199707488 Elite prest prok sport(spr) 1997 Schimmel 1.64 m 1,30m Spr.
d.s.d. Heartbreaker
KWPN 528003198904335 BWP_Ambassadeur pref Stb. WFFS-free 1989 Bruin 1.67 m Ggk.: BAVAR, BWP, KWPN, SF, SI-UNIRE, SWB 1,60m Spr.
m.m.s. Chablis
HOLST 276321210195494 1994 Schimmel 1,50m Spr.
Mother Gill
Merrie 2011 Bruin KWPN 528003201104388 prok VB 1,45m Spr.
Sire of dam Lord Z
Hengst 1990 Bruin 1.65 m HOLST DE321210031490 Ggk.: BAVAR, HOLST, KWPN, OS, RHEIN, SF, SWB, ZANG, ZVCH 1,60m Spr.
s.s.d. Lord
HOLST DE321210394067 1967 Bruin 1.68 m Ggk.: HOLST 1,40m Spr. CIC3*
m.s.m. Thia
HOLST DE321210032381 Hauptstutbuch 1981 Bruin 1.70 m
Dam of dam Whops
KWPN 528003200312276 Elite IBOP(spr) prok sport(dr) 2003 Donkerbruin 1.68 m 1,10m Spr. Z2-dressuur 0,80m Eventing
s.d.d. Sheraton
OLDBG 276333331206799 Stb. 1999 Donkerbruin 1.66 m Ggk.: KWPN, SF, SWB 1,55m Spr.
d.d.d. Relinda V
KWPN 528003199802507 keur sport(spr) 1998 Donkerbruin 1.71 m 1,60m Spr.