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This year we are going to say goodbye to our fantastic Xalia, because her current rider has become too big for her and we wish Xalia and a new family many more happy years. Xalia is the ultimate children's pony that also excels in both dressage and jumping. Besides fantastic to deal with, she is also a star in the sport, always a prize or a profit point. With Xalia you can go into the woods, ride in strange terrain, at pony camp, and also excel in dressage and jumping. Xalia is certified so she can also take the cart. She is ultimate traffic tame, bombproof and easy to load, social and easy with other horses/ponies in the meadow, easy in the stable, good with the farrier, is easily secured and is suitable for all ages. A nice pony for a family with several pony lovers, she also loves cuddling and brushing, shaving is no problem. Of course Xalia also has a downside, but she can live with that very well herself, Xalia grabs the bowl after her meal. Fortunately she is not a huge air sucker because it does not control her day and character. With a lot of grazing and unlimited hay you will hardly notice it. Because we all love Xalia, we are looking for people who will take care of her just as well as we always have. We also like to hear from her every now and then and to keep following her. We are looking for someone who will enjoy her immensely and take the time for it. Xalia is currently M1  dressage with 7 profit points and could easily jump Z, just like her father. She often goes to jumping lessons but unfortunately has never been officially released. She never refuses. Xalia is 1.35. For more information, please call 0647126435. Videos are sufficiently available and all inspections are allowed


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