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This one incredibly beautiful, eye-catching PRE mare is called Orquidea AC II. She is approximately 1.58m tall and she was born on 02-07-2017, which makes her 4 years old. She will still grow what to do in width and height. She attracts everyone's eye with her beautiful chestnut brown color and her beautiful full, yet chic build. She has a beautiful, long neck and fits perfectly in the riding horse model. She has a very expressive and naughty little head, which fits her character perfectly. She knows herself that she is beautiful and this is reflected in her character. That's why she has need someone to teach her that patience and respect is a reward for her  She is very cooperative and unafraid here.                                      

Ze is in possession of a PRE passport with pedigree of Benur II x Torero XI x Envidiosa VIII. This strain has been selected for goodness and character. There are beautiful horses bred. They are big horses with a cooperative character. She has a chip.        

Currently we have quietly started the groundwork with her and she is taking it well. They hadn't been very much in hand yet, but she's not at all under the impression of what we humans do with her. She also has spacious corridors where her trot stands out the most. All in all a very nice horse that, in the future, can certainly become an eye catcher in the ring. Orquidea is free from stable defects. A beautiful and sweet horse!                               

The price progresses as she is ridden. She's not shivering, we don't expect any problems with driving. For now a beautiful price for a beautiful horse!            

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