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For Sale in commission
KFPS Ster / Sport mare Wianne W. (Gjalt 426 x Ulbert 390).
Date of birth: 01-03-2007 | Height at withers: 168cm | Coefficient of inbreeding: 0.98% | Mare line: 025

Wianne W. has a golden character and has a very low relatedness percentage, namely 0.98%.
She is Z1 dressage with profit points above 60%.

By everyone to drive, nice in the railing and also obedient with outdoor rides. Easy going, very nice and calm character.

Currently, Wianne W. has a colt by Tymen 503 at the foot born on 07-06-2021.
It is possible to buy both Wianne W. separately to buy as a foal.

Are you looking for a nice riding horse that you can ride both in dressage and in the forest? Or do you want a Frisian Ster mare with a very low kinship percentage for breeding? 
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Sire Gjalt 426
Stb Sport
Sire of sire Pyt 325
s.s.s. Barteld 292
m.s.s. Clazien
Stb Ster
Dam of sire Margriet C.
KFPS Stb Model
d.s.d. Lukas 324
m.m.s. Godiva
Stb Ster + Pref''7
Mother Hinke-Anne H.
Stb Ster
Sire of dam Ulbert 390
Stb Sport
s.s.d. Sierk
m.s.m. Famke D.
Stb Ster + Pref''4
Dam of dam Anne-Wietske H.
Stb Ster + Pref''4
s.d.d. Feitse 293
Stb Preferent
d.d.d. Wietske D.
Stb Ster + Pref''5