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Orla AC is a Spanish PRE lady with an appearance that is just as beautiful as her inwardly. This sweet mare has a striking coat, her legs are starting with some black and this runs into a brown mold pattern, how awful suits her well. She is approximately 1.59m high and due to her age she will still be grow a bit, but she already looks much bigger because of her large build. she is born on 24-04-2017, which makes her 4 years old. She has nice long legs that she very well used when moving.  She owns 3 very good corridors. In our opinion, it could later be very suitable for various purposes.                

Currently we teach Orla in a friendly way, ignoring mistakes and rewarding good behavior .She does this very well and you can see her confidence rising with every positive reward when she has done something right. Orla is free from stable defects.             

She is in possession of a passport with chip and a good pedigree of Viajero XII x Bandolero LXXXVII x Tesoro. This strain has been selected on goodness and character. Beautiful horses are bred. They are big horses with a cooperative character.             

She is not shivery, we do not expect any problems with driving. For now a great price for a beautiful horse!           

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