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This Royal Side S descendant presents itself elegantly and long-legged in a square. With harmonious movement sequences, Rich & amp; Royal a horse with all training perspectives.

dam line
Dr. Pug v. Diamond Hit (DRE: M * -successful with Ann-Kathrin Lindner); Rosario v. Rousseau (VA 2010, DRE: S *** - successful with Luise Hölscher); Delacroix v. The Lord (DRE: S ** - successful with Johannes Rüben); The Callas v. Desperados (DRE: S * -successful with Achim Ostermeyer); Dark Pearl v. Desperados (DRE: M ** - successful with Ronald Lüders); As Waldi v. Westernhagen (vaulting: S-successful with Nicole Stolle); Donny Walker v. Del Vento (DRE: M ** - successful with Roman Bravenec); Make My Day v. Maat (DRE: S ** - successful with Cornelia Gass); licensed stallion by Laur. Crusador xx (HM 2006); licensed stallion by Don Carlos; Esprit FRH v. Eiger I (Winner Nations Cup Olympic Games Jumping 2000 / Team Gold World Championship in 1998 / Team Bronze EM 2001 / Silver World Cup Final 1998 with Lars Nieberg); licensed stallion FST Dipylon by Dinglinger (SPR: international 1.55 m success with Michael Kölz); Contanga v. Catoki (SPR: int. 1.60 m-successful with Alberto Zorzi and Andre Thieme); Last minute v. Lovis Corinth (DRE: international GP success with Ilka-Kerstin Geiss). Mother: Princess ZL: ZL: 4/3 Grandmother: Piroschka ZSP: Field test riding horse trot 7.00 gallop 8.00 step 6.00 / average rideability 7.00 / average jumping 7.00

The horse is a Verden auction horse and will be auctioned on July 17th. From 05.07. until July 17th the horse can be viewed and tried out every day during public training. The starting bid for the auction is 8,000 euros. You can find the training times here: [Training and presentation times]. Can't be in Verden on the day of the auction? No problem - you can also bid for the horse by telephone. You can find the telephone [bidding order] here.


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