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This foal is a Verden auction foal. Auctioned online in August. You can see the entire collection of foals here: [Foal Collection]. The foals will be presented live again on August 7th at 12 noon in the Niedersachsenhalle and will be streamed live. 2nd generation Sweet Melody v. Sandro Hit (DRE: S * -successful with Ilka Ludowig); Zappzarapp v. Zack (VA 2017); Mare line Ravenna BK v. Floriscount (DRE: M * -successful with Caroline Kirstein); Steuben v. Stedinger (DRE: S ** - successful with Tatjana Piontek); Quai-Gon v. Quaterback (DRE: S-successful with Christian Flamm); Flynn Finnegan v. Fielmann (DRE: M * -successful with Miriam Ohde); Aldebaran v. A Jungle Prince (DRE: international S * -successful with Ellen Schulten-Baumer); Amanyara M v. Ampere (DRE: GP successful with Svenja Kämper-Meyer); Surabaya M v. San Amour I (DRE: GP-successful with Svenja Kämper-Meyer); licensed stallion Bonamour by Bonifatius (DRE: GP-successful with Hubertus Schmidt); Soraya M v. Samarant (DRE: GP successful with Svenja Kämper-Meyer); Reatino M v. Rubin-Royal (DRE: GP-successful with Svenja Kämper-Meyer); Rania M v. Rubin-Royal (DRE: international GP success with Svenja Kämper-Meyer); licensed stallion Don Rousseau by Don Nobless; licensed stallion Lord Legend by Libertad; Dark Nobless v. Don Nobless (VA 2021); Wenke v. Werther (Louis Wiegels Show 1991 1C Prize); Rabea v. Raphael (Louis Wiegels Show 1991 1J Prize); licensed stallion Denoix by Destano (DRE: international GP success with Hubertus Schmidt); Santana v. Sandro Hit (VA 2003, DRE: international GP success with Minna Telde); licensed stallion Riverside by Regazzoni (DRE: international M-successful with Susan Pape); licensed stallion St. Ludwig's Donnerschlag by Donnerhall (DRE: international GP success with Heiko Münzmaier). Mother: Sweet Melody ZL: ZL: 1/1 Tournament successes: DRE: S 1/1. 1/2. 1/5. 1 / w. DRE: M 1/1. DPF: M 1/1.


Sire Fürst Zonik PS
Sire of sire
Dam of sire
Sire of dam Sandro Hit
Dam of dam
d.d.d. Noble Roi XX