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This foal is a Verden auction foal. Auctioned online in August. You can see the entire collection of foals here: [Foal Collection]. The foals will be presented live again on August 7th at 12 noon in the Niedersachsenhalle and will be streamed live. 2nd generation Dearest v. Londonderry (DRE: S * -successful with Carmen Vollbach); Dirty dancing v. Don Frederico (Final Bundeschampionat 5year old dressage horse 2011, DRE: int. S ** - successful with Immogen Chant); Will be fine v. Wenzel I (DRE: S * -successful with Ann-Kathrin Sames); Faberge v. Fabriano (DRE: S * -successful with Carmen Vollbach); Squeaky delight v. Quasar de Charry (FoVA 2018); Prince Waldeck v. Finest (VA 2020); Quantano v. Quasar de Charry (DRE: M-successful with Ella-Alea Maulhardt); Florentina v. Finest (H.v.d Deck Show 2018 1F-Prize dressage, mare show in Alsfeld 2018 overall winner); Mare line Happy Dirty Daddy v. Hotline (DRE: M * - and SPR: 1.30 m-successful with Stefanie Zimmermann); Lenada v. Lordanos (SPR: 1.40 m successful with Josch Löhden); Coup de Couleur v. Conteur (SPR: 1.40 m success with Klara Fischer); Shakira Sun v. San Remo (DRE: M ** - successful with Caroline Karrenbauer). Mother: Florentina Awards: 1xIa. ZL: ZL: 2/2 ZSP: Field test riding horse trot 8.00 gallop 8.00 step 8.00 / average rideability 7.75 / average jumping 7.00 Tournament successes: RPF: without class 1/4. Grandmother: ZL: 18/16 Rivera ZL: Hann.Pr.St.


Sire Secret
Sire of sire
Dam of sire
Sire of dam Finest
Dam of dam
s.d.d. Rodgau