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Purcells Toffee (Toffee) is the name of this mare. She was born in 2012 and she is about 1.54m high. Toffee is a studious and cooperative horse. She picks up the training well here, and does her best for it you, even if she finds something difficult. We are now teaching her to straighten to walk on their own two feet and to apply the dressage training. Previously she was mainly used for outdoor riding. Toffee features about 3 nice courses She has a thin coat, especially in the summer and so you have to don't be too rough with brushing. (By the way, more horses may pay attention here to be located). She is very social with other horses.                        

Toffee is in possession of a passport with chip, is vaccinated and dewormed. She has her colds, due to stable climate change, already and you will get a healthy horse with her, what within now and a month will feel great in her own skin.                              

Including recent inspection report including blood draw where she is approved for the sport, inspected by an accredited equine veterinarian, so that the horse is immediately insurer is included. Recently went to the dentist, including recent dental report.                   &nspnbsp;&nspnbsp;  ;            

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