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For Sale rough dressage stallion No Limit Utopia !

No Limit lives up to its name and is a beautiful and large dressage horse with an extra step and a good canter. Bred from the well-known Utopia strain of Mts Livi.
He is well-behaved, is tough and therefore needs leadership.

We bought No Limit as a foal and have been with us from that time us in the stable and in the rearing. we made him saddle break 2 months ago and can now do all three gaits right and left.
He moves very easily and light-footed for a large horse. He is used to all normal movements and walks easily on the carriage. Nice horse to work with.

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For more information please app or call. Ronald Boers 06 53308529


Sire Ferdeaux
Sire of sire Bordeaux
s.s.s. United
m.s.s. Ferro
Dam of sire Part-Two
d.s.d. Karck C
m.m.s. Vanity- Utopia
Mother Cleopatra-Utopia
Sire of dam Sorento
s.s.d. Sandro Hit
m.s.m. Dein Liebling
Dam of dam Vanity-Utopia
s.d.d. Krack C
d.d.d. Halla-Utopia