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❤️Qantano❤️ Beautiful PRE with EXTREME QUALITY!!!!Qantano is 1,67 and 6 years old. He has 3 above average paces with absolutely the quality for the high work, this gentleman is going to go far and we will not be surprised if he goes for the Grand Prix with the right training! In handling he is very sweet and easy stallion. Just be good at the grooming area with brushing, washing and saddlery. Under the saddle he is a real appearance, quality, movement that you say to you, appearance he has everything you need to go far. He has a neat basis, but sometimes wants to do a little too much at once! He has the right go for a sport horse and is not shiver/hot/sensibly good to ride and to the aids. He has a lot of talent for piaffe/passage. We would like to see him end up with someone who really goes for the sport and not with a recreational rider, this would be a real shame for a horse with this quality. He is not impressed by his surroundings. He is X-ray and clinically approved. Healthy and free from defects. In short, the Spanish Totilas!


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