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For sale: three fantastic young dressage/all-round sport ponies for sale. 
all are 3 years old and come straight from the land. Ponies are bred with us and have been reared for 3 years. Always neatly vaccinated, dewormed and trimmed and neatly handled.

photo 1 to 5 : Roosendaal's lady Ibiza V. Wolberg's Flamenco. Super sweet handsome palomino C pony with 3 correct gaits including a very light-footed trot! Pony is very affectionate and down to earth. 3 years 

photo 5 to 10: Roosendaal's look a like V. Wolbergs Flamenco. Super sweet and handsome C pony with fine gaits and a very strong foundation. Good pony for the future with enough spunk. Very sweet and curious. 3 years 
mother has won many championships in M dressage

photo 10 to 15: Roosendaal's Milkyway V. Wolbergs Flamenco. Super tough and handsome B pony a fantastic trot and a very expressive head. Pony is very sweet and down to earth 
Mother has won the all round welsh championship 3 years in a row and has won many awards! 3 years 

photo 15 to 20: sweet 11 year old Friesian mare for sale! Has walked in front of the cart for the past 3 years and does this super well! Horse has a fantastic trot and is fundamentally very strong! Very sweet to deal with really a buddy for life! Boukje was previously also driven recreationally, but that should be picked up 


Sire Onne 376
STB sport
Sire of sire Leffert 306
Dam of sire Ytsje
STB ster pref
Mother Fimke B
Sire of dam Anne 340
STB sport
Dam of dam Reina B