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Chic interestingly bred colt born in April
(Fürst toto x Bon Coeur x De Niro x Sandro Hit x Rubinstein).
He comes from the oldenburger stock of the Grosse Liebe, a stock that produces many successful Grand-Prix horses such as ao. 'Der Erbe' by Dimaggio, approved stallions such as the approved Vivaldi son Vivat Rex. and many state premium props and elite props such as his grandmother Grosse Diva.
His mother Grosse Deern herself firstborn presents with him her first foal. Her 1 year younger brother is the approved 'Epic Eastwood' v. Escolar. Another full brother is rearing at Helgstrand Dressage.


Sire Sir Donnerhall
Sire of sire Sandro Hit
s.s.s. Sandro Song
m.s.s. Lorreta
Dam of sire Contenance D
d.s.d. Donnerhall
m.m.s. Feldherr
Mother Lorance
Sire of dam For Romance I
s.s.d. Furst Romancier
m.s.m. Sir Donnerhall
Dam of dam Loretta Live
s.d.d. Royal Dance
d.d.d. Loretta