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Eyecatcher Cruzado Ruin
Bueno is looking for his forever five star house. This handsome man came from Spain a year ago and taught us in a classic way. Bueno is 1.59 m high and built baroque. He has a lot of body which makes him suitable for a larger rider (rider in the picture is 1.84 m).

Bueno is:
⁃ super nice on the Longe
⁃ Familiar with work in progress and natural horsemanship
⁃ He has had several scare training sessions and has been outside a lot.
⁃ Very eager to learn which makes it great to work with him in freedom.
⁃ Saddle broken and ridden green. (He knows walk trot and canter under the rider)
⁃ Due to the many groundwork, he has a good basic muscularity and he walks easily over his back.
⁃ It has 3 good basic gaits and moves sideways easily, it has a compact build and is certainly suitable for higher work.
⁃ Super intelligent and always want to work for you.

Bueno is 6 years old and came to our training completely green. We have put a lot of time and love into him and especially given him time to develop. Now he is ready to start working for someone else and to be properly driven. Bueno is Sensible which means that he responds very well to very fine aids, but is therefore not suitable for a novice rider.


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