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Hello, With a heavy heart I offer a modern picture book of pretty 7 year old young palomino mare with full German Reipony papers and a size of 155cm.
In addition, Reitland's Brightness Beauty impresses with its super chic look and is an absolute eye-catcher, whether at home or on the go.
She has a lot of expression in her movements and 3 extensive and dynamic basic gaits. With what beauty attracts attention. A pony that wants to be seen.
It is also equipped with a lot of elasticity and mechanics and offers a very high level of seating comfort, which makes you float on clouds and puts a smile on your face.
She is now ready to be a riding horse and to be seen in public.
Beauty is a spirited mare, very bright but very pleasant character. Beauty is always super honest, well-behaved, very rideable and willing to learn. A pony where all doors are open to you.

Her father is the Elite Pr. Stallion Jonker's Socrates, was licensed in Verden in 2009, he was awarded a premium, elite and performance stallion by the Hanover Pony Association. In 2019 he was also classified in premium class I at the stallion award in Weser-Ems, Has already produced several licensed sons such as Reitlands Schampus, Sir Montender, Reitlands Sir Sansibar and a few more. Also state premiums and association premiums for mares & nbsp; as well as championship foals go to his account. His offspring are successful in the dressage arena, on the course and in front of the car. You can also find large ponies on your mother's side, such as: Dakar 84, Marquis AA.

She had 2 very good colts from High Flow's Oxford in 2018 and 2020 with us. Both go out of proportion. She takes on the natural jump without any problems and simply foals. She is a very dear mother.
She is a top quality pony.
Beauty is very cuddly and likes to be touched everywhere. And loves cuddles very much. Cleaning, saddling and snaffling are all no problem. She also likes showering or doing her hair. She is totally unused, she was ridden solidly in 2017 and then went into breeding to & nbsp; grow and develop head-wise.
She has been regularly under the saddle since mid-October 2020 and ready to learn in order to collect the first ribbons in 2021 year. Not yet presented due to Corona.
She is currently in training and is ridden in various ways several times a week.
Can be used immediately.
Beauty is very fine and easy to ride, but with a pleasant go. She is always motivated and wants to please the rider. She is very willing to learn and intelligent, and can quickly implement new things. Save and retrieve and start again the next time. She runs all 3 Gga very well under the rider. Beauty is good at the aids and is easy to ride over the seat. And above all light in the hand.
She is on a safe A level, side movements, outside canter, short turns and lessons have been included in the training. Of course, beauty still has to learn a lot and therefore it has to be further promoted. But she is constantly being trained. She has a lot of potential for the upper classes with a suitable rider.
Beauty knows different riders, big or small, and was ridden by a 12 year old boy from time to time. So it can also be used by weaker riders. She knows reins as well as triangular reins. However, it is still not a pure children's pony or suitable for beginners. She is a teacher for oneself because she insists on body tension and the correctness of the rider's giving of help. That's why you should already be able to ride.
She knows different riding arenas such as riding arenas and small off-road excursions. Beauty also shows great talent when it comes to free jumping.
Learned small jumps under the rider and is easy to jump.
Anyone looking for an XXL pony with basic quality to train themselves further has found the right friend in Beauty.
Will only be sold in a 5 * home !!! Here the price would be absolutely negotiable

It is only sold because we have kept your offspring and it is just too big and powerful for me and the children and it is too good to only breed.
regularly dewormed and vaccinated
Always been healthy
Teeth made
forge and loading godly up-to-date on iron
Looked through from a veterinary and physiotherapeutic perspective Large Aku / Tüv with X-ray images can be made at short notice at any time so that it is always up-to-date. & Nbsp;
It is also not for bargain hunters !! And only to sell to supporting hands for the sport. Sports evidence required!
Price rises with further training and is already at a high level & nbsp;

A trade-in for a smaller pony from 145 cm could be discussed. & nbsp;
You are welcome to visit us after you have introduced yourself in writing with your full name and by telephone. Videos via WhatsApp possible after a personal conversation. We allow ourselves to take 40 € for preparing or preparing. This is possible at any time in good weather. Only under Corona rules! Which is of course offset when buying. The pony is not made available or reserved. Participation in riding is not desired.


Sire Jonker´s Socrates
Sire of sire veenstras Promise
Dam of sire jonkers Celine
Mother Bettina
Sire of dam Dakar
Dam of dam Bacardi