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Charming Chester Z is a 5 year old gelding (27-3-2016) of +/- 1.70 high. Last September I broke my foot in several places and had it dislocated, which meant that I had to put him in training elsewhere. Unfortunately he missed the confidence of his rider and his tension with jumping has turned into preferring not to jump anymore. Before that he found jumping also quite exciting but he was already quite obediently around a BB course. & Nbsp;

In the cross this problem is not there and he jumps almost everything at once and the water runs like this in. Sometimes he finds it a bit exciting, but we have also only been a few times. He really makes me feel great in the cross and always wants to continue. But obstacle beams in the box are one thing. He prefers to go fast over an obstacle or to stop, not mean last minute, but the brake is applied a few meters in advance. After the obstacle he is easy to ride back. & Nbsp; I have always been a dressage rider myself & nbsp; and that in combination with my foot that will no longer heal completely means that I am not the right one to guide him in this. That is why I choose to sell it. I can now drive max 3 times a week and I also notice that that is too little for him. It really is one horse who likes attention and works and likes to be outside a lot. & nbsp;

Lately I have ridden him a bit more dressage. He is classified B with a win (started once when he was just broken) but in the training he now runs at L2 level and we slowly try to do some M exercises. He sometimes finds learning new things difficult and he can then build up some tension, but if you give him the time and also keep driving basic and provide variety, he picks it up super. He does not buck or prance, he mainly wants to run away from your leg, but the handbrake always works. Unfortunately brand since he got back and I have been standing in a big stable that he finds other horses exciting. Especially with oncoming traffic where he is locked up, he sometimes wants to stop. Before he went into training, I just drove him loose between the other horses and that went fine. With some practice with riders in the arena taking that into account this will get better soon.

Chester is good in the woods, I usually go alone but have also been with others. He then effortlessly leads the way. In the stable it is a gigantic cuddly horse and it is easy and cozy. Despite the fact that he is actually very easy and well-behaved, he can also build up tension and be quite fast, which is why he is not suitable for beginners and especially suitable for someone with a lot of patience. Becoming angry is counterproductive, letting go and giving confidence he grows from.

He sometimes finds loading in a trailer exciting, but with 2 people it is easy to load with guiding lines (without pressure), usually you can just leave them on the ground. He will walk on the truck (little). On 9-12-2020 & nbsp; Has he been fully approved clinically and x-ray (in 2018 as well) & nbsp; and he has been insured (this can be taken over) He is completely healthy, never crippled and no stable vices. Chester has been to the dentist 3 times in the last 1.5 years since he came to me (every six months due to age), stands in front of irons (has easy feet) and is of course neatly vaccinated and regularly receives a manure test.

He doesn't have to leave and only leaves when I can find a better match for him! I prefer to see him go to someone who wants to dressage and / or rides and / or want to ride a cross and possibly try to regain confidence in jumping in peace, but this will take time. He is an incredibly talented horse who can go far with the right rider. But also the perfect horse for someone who has no ambitions but wants a very handsome and sweet horse!

Chester can be viewed by appointment in Doorn.


Sire Canabis Z
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Sire of dam Roven XX
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