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Because the rider has reached the age of 18, we are looking for a nice place for our pony Davinci van de Teugenaar.
Davinci is a big D-pony who has competed in the dressor M1 with sufficient points for the M2. He is very attentive and eager to move (actively forward) & nbsp; so some driving experience is desirable. Our daughter has always had private lessons and followed the dressage and jumping lessons at the pony club. He can jump very well, but it remains a challenge because he does try you out.
Davinci is super traffic-friendly and has always walked through the village to the club. Now there is still a weekly outdoor ride. Recently our daughter even galloped over the dike without a saddle with only a halter.
We are looking for a place with the possibility of daily grazing. Now he has a walk-in stable with a companion horse, so he can go outside whenever he wants. He is really a cuddly pony in handling. & Nbsp;


Sire Di Caprio de Bois
Sire of sire FS Don Worry
s.s.s. FS Dacapo Doro
m.s.s. FS Golden Sunlight
Dam of sire Camilla du Bois
Stb; keur; pref.
d.s.d. FS Eduard
Stb 83,5; pref
m.m.s. Carina
keur; pref;
Mother Fabiën van de Teugenaar
Stb; keur
Sire of dam Highlight
Stb; prest. sport
s.s.d. Highway
m.s.m. Ragna
Dam of dam Ilonka van de Teugenaar
s.d.d. Nut ox
d.d.d. Goldy
Stb 81,73; ster