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A beautiful big dark brown mare called & nbsp; E-Berlina an ED Berlin X All Pleasur, born on & nbsp; 21-07-2012.

I showed her in Dressage from the B to & nbsp; the M1 and I jumped competitions with her B. I focused more on dressage, because she was still very weak when I bought her, I have her for 4 years now, but I have always kept jumping with her. She really likes to jump! That is why & nbsp; I would also like it if she ends up with a rider / amasone who picks up jumping more with her.
She is not suitable for a novice or wait-and-see rider. She is good under saddle and easy to ride, she can & nbsp; sometimes just be a bit scary and therefore needs a certain rider.

I am selling her because of the start of a new study. I am really looking for a good place for her where she gets enough exercise. She is a horse that has to lose her energy, I ride / lung her 5/6 days a week. She must also be able to go out daily at her new place!

She has no (stable) defects, she is good on the trailer and with the farrier. She is good in the woods. & Nbsp;
If you are interested, please let me know!


Sire ED Berlin
Sire of sire Berlin
s.s.s. Cassini I
m.s.s. Estia
Dam of sire Grontelle Z
d.s.d. Grand Step
m.m.s. Contelle Z
Mother Afrika
Sire of dam All Pleasur
s.s.d. Aldato
m.s.m. Piroschka
Dam of dam Sandro Sound
s.d.d. Sandro
d.d.d. Antenne II