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Great, strong, eager to work and healthy endurance horse. By crossing the largest Shagya Arab with large French trotter there is good health due to the diversity of genes. Prince is in my arms are born. As a foal walked about 150 km next to his mother traffic. His foal got grain in the trailer. At the age of 4 saddle-broken. Has 4 equally hard black hooves and always walks without them irons. Likes to work, is reliable in traffic and likes to go out and about outdoor rides. Has an energy efficient (fast) trot and flat canter. Takes likes to jump over a tree and has good technique for this. Have got bred this horse with the aim of having a great endurance horse against me retire. With the amended legislation, my retirement is not yet over the order and I still have time to breed a brother or sister. For those who appreciate what I have bred and carefully trained is this horse for sale.


Sire Likovitch du fausset
Shagya arabier
Sire of sire shagya LV 43
Dam of sire
Mother Anna du closet
Franse draver
Sire of dam ozio royal
Dam of dam