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About our approach
The horses or ponies that are in training with us are trained through a training schedule. Variety is very important and a lot of attention is paid to the basics in the training. This is because the basis is a common thread throughout your horse's training. Relaxation, straight aiming, looseness of the horse's body and support are the most important points that recur daily in the training. Because there is a clear difference between correcting and rewarding, the horses quickly know what is expected of them and so we get fine, workable horses that enjoy their work. You are of course completely free to watch the training of your horse at any time. The price is for a month of training storage, including everything your horse needs.

Saddling is perhaps the most important process in a horse / pony's life. It largely determines how the animal will continue to function. This process must therefore be done with all due care. When saddling we appreciate everything for the convenience of the animal. For example, peace, space and regularity are of effective importance so that it can learn to grow with all certainty. In all cases there will always be a short observation week between the horse / pony and Charmaine. This is to build trust and to get to know each other's limits well. Breaking a horse is nothing more than a great psychological game between humans and animals. Communication is the basis, for example a horse is a flight animal, so he will show flight behavior when too much tension arises. That's exactly what you don't want. Pain, violence and pressure on the animal are therefore excluded. It's not going to contribute to a calm horse. Aren't we using pressure? Yes, of course, a horse has to learn to tolerate pressure. By nature a horse is against pressure. Therefore, we reward good behavior and ignore bad behavior. Ignoring a direct mistake of a horse is a difficult "pressure" for an animal in the psychic game. The animal will learn in this way to come back again and not to flee. About 4-6 weeks are counted for breaking the saddle. Then you are also sure that you can get on and drive away.

Continue training and release
It does not matter whether your horse / pony has already been to a competition or not. Your horse will be optimally trained and thus prepared for the competitions. Your horse will be released in the class that suits his training level. Your horse does not necessarily have to start in a lower class, if he is ready he can immediately be released in Z dressage (for example). Your horse will receive intensive professional training and care every day. Your horse will be trained several times a week depending on his training level and mental state. The training of your horse is offered in a varied way with a clear structure. For example, dressage training will be alternated with training on the lunge. In consultation with you, the goal of the training is determined and a training schedule is established. Depending on the goal, it is determined which matches are started. You can think of regular competitions, selection competitions or for example young horse competitions. The goal of a competition is often (not always!) To score the progress of your horse. It is therefore important that your horse is presented properly trained at a competition.

Assist in the sale
If you choose to sell. Will different channels be used to bring your horse to the attention of potential owners at home and abroad. High-quality photos and film material are very important here. Customers are warmly welcomed at our beautiful site and feel they are taken seriously. Your horse will be shown in freedom and under saddle, after which the customer can also test ride your horse under supervision.