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We sell a top genetic dressage broodmare (from Niro X TCN Everywhere) Produced a foal champion of France foals. Broodmare with exceptional genetics, she was born from a much sought-after maternal line. Excellent mother, she not only passes on to her foals looks and an exceptional model but also confidence in man and curiosity which makes them easy foals. Born in 2006, she started her broodmare career at 11 years. It takes easily (1 attempt in IAC from the first foal). It will be available when the unborn foal is weaned (autumn 2021) but can be inseminated this spring by the stallion of your choice. Visible in Normandy near Rouen.


Sire de niro
Sire of sire Donnerhall
s.s.s. Donnerwetter
m.s.s. Ninette
Dam of sire Halicante
d.s.d. Akzant II
m.m.s. wiesenelfe
Mother n.carla
Sire of dam Partout
s.s.d. Arogno
m.s.m. Pedola
Dam of dam H.carla
s.d.d. Sovereign