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Triple Tree's Victor & nbsp;
We bought this beautiful, sweet C pony as a colt. He was able to enjoy puberty and grew up in a pasture together with another pony and a horse. Last year he was neutered in May, then we left him in the pasture for a while and we trained him in mid-August. Victor is so good and eager to learn. He wants to do everything right. Unfortunately, Victor has remained too small for my daughter - even though his father and mother were both big D ponies. Since Victor has been with us and under the saddle, he has grown a lot, but unfortunately he will still remain too small. & Nbsp;
We were actually planning to bring him out in the sport this season. Unfortunately, Corona also throws a spanner in the works here. & Nbsp;
The fact that Victor is so sweet and well-behaved is not only due to his thorough training - so far - but also because of his excellent pedigree. His full brother, among others, is an approved stallion in Australia Triple Tree Prince Perfect & nbsp;


Sire Desperado
Sire of sire Bowe
s.s.s. Bode
m.s.s. Twickle's Marloes
Dam of sire Elloise
ster pref
d.s.d. Veenstra's Promise
stb sprt
m.m.s. Hillary
Mother Elsenhoev's Henriete
Sire of dam Leuns Veld's Elegant
s.s.d. Bokkesprong Czardas
pref prest
m.s.m. Molenhof's Lilli
keur pref
Dam of dam Anita
stb ster
s.d.d. Orchard Limb-Lopper
d.d.d. Ophemert's Edelweis
ster pref