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This super handsome (large) Lusitano stallion, who turns 3 in April - is looking for a new home, only for those who are seriously interested.

Oléado was born on 6/04/2018, has a full PSL-paper, conceived in Portugal, in the belly of his mother, came to Belgium and thus born in Belgium.

He was allowed to stay with his mother for quite a long time, until he was 1 year old and then he came to me. He grew up here between 2 adult geldings, is social and playful, does not show himself very much a stallion. He has a sweet, affectionate and cooperative character. He is very tough and fearless, a real courageous Lusitano. Oleado is tall, already 1m64 & nbsp; and will probably be around 1m69 (his father is 1m70).

He can walk very fine and spacious, shows a lot of balance in the canter and a strong hind leg in the trot. You can see that he has a talent for the collected work. I see a future for him in the Working Equitation, but he wouldn't be out of place in the dressage ring. & Nbsp;

He has finished kindergarten, can stand neatly, walk along, knows some groundwork such as going backwards on light pressure , moving forequarters, moving hindquarters, light lunging, ... I have been working on it like that for 6 times now and he learns very quickly. His father is Espartaco d'Ornellas and his grandfather is Belmonte d'Ornellas from Violino SS (last two photos). Oleado is located in Belgium.

Price range between & nbsp; 11 & nbsp; 000 € - 15 000 €
All inspections allowed - costs in consultation. & Nbsp;


Sire Espartaco DOrnellas
Sire of sire Belmonte
Reproductor Recomendado
s.s.s. Violino SS
Reproductor Recomendado
Dam of sire
Mother Unica
Sire of dam Ideologo
Dam of dam Cuadrilla