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for sale for recreation / breeding
Born: 2011
Height: ca 170
Father: Bretton woods
Mother: Don busco
Color: chestnut
Level: M2 dressage / B jumping / B cross
Price class: Low / Normal
Predicate: Ster and Prok

With a lot of pain in my heart I can no longer do with my buddy what I would like to do. She is no longer suitable for the sport and therefore only leaves for the golden house who still wants to have fun with this sweet, beautiful and honest horse.Gorgeous has been ill & nbsp; & nbsp; and is now healed and healthy again and I would like this keep it that way. Gorgeous has had a major stomach / intestinal problem which was difficult to recover. After a few months of trouble, everything has finally taken hold and she has recovered. The cause of this was chronic stress, so this must be limited as much as possible. This is very easy to maintain as a recreational horse / broodmare. She currently also serves as a recreational horse for me. Do you often put her on the trailer or at a competition which are stressful situations. & Nbsp; & nbsp; will the problem return in the stomach and that is the last thing I want to do to her. Because of this problem, she is only suitable as a broodmare or for the recreational rider who wants to ride in the woods and is looking for a nice horse for dressage in the box because she walks very well. Please do not have high expectations to ride Z exercises, this to keep the horse healthy because Gorgeous's well-being is paramount for me. Unfortunately, I cannot offer her that second chance because my other horse is geeske no longer suitable for the sport. Her entire history is known to me. Gorgeous is a very sweet horse and very honest and always in for hugs.

Gorgeous has a very nice bloodline and the vet also advises that she would be very suitable for breeding as well. The picture shows her papers from the kwpn. She is star and prok approved. & Nbsp; She is healthy and super happy and really enjoys the recreational rides. She is 3 x X-ray approved (2013, 2018, 2020) on legs, neck and back, all inspection reports with photos are present. She has also been neatly to the dentist all her life (this book is also available) for the last time in November extensively to the dentist and neatly wormed for all things. Possibly for sale with all accessories. & Nbsp;

More information can be requested via 0634485272 & nbsp; please call us if you are seriously interested. Horse needs a rider with some experience. Horse does not go to trade or riding stables or boarding houses. Only to the private / hobby breeder. This is because something small-scale gives her a lot more rest. It has already been proven that this horse is not happy in a boarding stable but belongs in a fixed group / herd.


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