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This beautiful elegant son of the inspection champion of Mecklenburg 2015, the still direct Fürst Heinrich son Feinrich, who comes from a top dam line! Feinrich himself is 3/4 brother of the show champion in oldenburg 2011 For romance I, who is now successful in the grandprix with Thérèse Nilshagen, the ornamental gerstute 2012 in rastede Fasine and his full sister furstin gesine who was ornamental barley in rastede in 2017. is the combination of world champion Totilas with the full sister of Jereich Parzival (jazz) who was very successful in the grandprix under Adeline Cornelissen. & nbsp; Mother Fiesta's girl v / h Klaverhof comes from one of Germany's best mares lines, namely & nbsp; Hanoverian lineage 695 (Holstein 8808), also known as the mare line "FINNLANDERIN". & Nbsp; Her mother, the Oldenburg Elite Stute "Fiesta Mexicana" is also the mother of the approved dressage topper "Davidoffs Hit" (Hassler Dressage USA). Her great-grandam Fantastica is no less than the full sister of the absolute top progenitor Don Schufro. Furthermore, Fantastica is the dam of Sunny Boy, which makes Fiesta Mexicana the 3/4 sister of this stallion. & Nbsp; Fantastica is also the dam of the international Grand Prix horse Cappucino (s Classiker), which was very successful under Karin Rehbein. Various other approved stallions including Don Primero, Donier, Fürst Toto, Blue horse Zatchmo, Blue horse Veneziano, Lord Leopold, Topas, Tailermade Red Rebell, Just Wimphoff, Ron Rubin,


Sire Feinrich
Sire of sire
Dam of sire
Mother Fiesta's girl
Sire of dam Governor
Dam of dam Fiesta mexicana
s.d.d. Sandro Hit
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