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Beautiful bombproof teacher
Jewelz is not only stunning but also a nice one teacher. Bomproof and runs very successfully Z1 with a 15 year old rider. She is well attached and masters all exercises with ease. She scores high in it Z1 and is constantly in the top 3. With her top good golden character she is very good nice to ride on any terrain. At a game in the forest alone or in a group she doesn't care.

She is suitable for every type of rider. The fanatic competitive rider, for insecure riders, riders by age, for recreational purposes, making nice forest rides, or even being all-round with her she likes to jump and does it with ease, & nbsp; or for the transition from pony to horse.

She is very good in handling as well as under saddle. Very easy to ride on snaffle or bar and snaffle. & nbsp;

Jewelz was successful in the Corona until October 2020 released class Z1 and passed all classes. She is currently Z2 eligible to start. She started successfully in Z1 with 2 riders in a short time.

She is both clinical and radiographic all the way approved in December 2019 without any comments. Includes neck and back. Over-approval is allowed, at buyer's expense.

Jewelz is a 10 year old Friesian mare by the stallion Andries 415 with a height of 165. She is ridden by a 1.80 rider. She has a very big walk which is often judged with an 8, a trot with very much tact and regularity and can be super close in the canter. She has a nice willing to work character under the saddle. She walks very easily compassionate and constant in the handrail. She is Z1 + 10 profit points and has thus obtained the sport predicate.

Jewelz has no stable defects or eczema, she is very easy to handle, by the farrier and only to be loaded on the trailer.

Jewelz is in the higher price range. For even more information or videos you can call or text with 06-21223003

Very beautiful bombproof dressage teacher Jewelz is not only the most beautiful horse you ever saw she is also a very good dressage teacher. Currently a 15 years old amazon is riding here at dressage level & nbsp; Z1. She perfectly knows the exercises of it Z1. Her scores are high and the combination constantly & nbsp; rides in the top 3. With her very good character she is nice to ride on any terrain. At the competition or in the woods, alone or in a group she doesn't care.

She is suitable for every type of horse rider. A competition rider, an insecure rider, riders with an higher age, for recreational purpose, being all-round with her even jumping she likes a lot, or for somebody who wants to change from a pony to a horse.

She is great well behaved in character as under the saddle. Very easy to ride on double bridle or snaffle.

Jewelz was ridden in the Z1 level until October 2020 and she passed all the successfully classes (B to Z1). She may start at the Z2 level, due to Covid currently no competitions are ridden. In a short time she started successfully with 2 riders in Z1. She is Z1 + 10 and & nbsp; has her sport predicate.

She has good X-rays also back and neck and is clinically approved with no comments in December 2019. When you want some new X-rays and / or a clinically report it is allowed but the costs are for the buyer. & nbsp;

Jewelz is a 10 years old Frisian mare from Andries 415 with a high of 1.65. She is ridden by an amazon or 1.80. She has a very good walk which is often judged with an eight, her trot has a lot of tact and regularity and she has a great collected canter. She always wants to work under the saddle. & Nbsp;

Jewelz is easy at her stable, has no eczema and she is very easy to handle. We can loaded her on the trailer alone. & nbsp;

She is in the higher price range. For much more information & nbsp; or videos you can call & nbsp; or send an app on 06-21223003


Sire Adries 415
Stb Sport
Sire of sire Tsjerk 328
Stb Sport + preferent
s.s.s. Feitse 293
Stb Preferent
m.s.s. Wijkje
Stb Model+ Prf + Prestm
Dam of sire Gitte
Stb Ster
d.s.d. Nykle 309
m.m.s. Sjoeky
Stb Ster + Pref
Mother Grietje 'Fan Dyken
Stb Ster
Sire of dam Ulke 338
Stb Sport
s.s.d. Tjimme 275
m.s.m. Fabiolaa
Stb Ster + Prf + Prestm
Dam of dam Titia Fan 'T Westerskar
Stb Ster
s.d.d. Gradus 356
d.d.d. Zixtine
Stb Ster + Sport