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Ten year old bombproof international dressage pony. & Nbsp;
Miss Miracle is a bomproof mare who has guided her current rider to an EC selection in her first national season. In this bizarre season, this combination still managed to get a selection out of the fire and they became second reserve. & Nbsp;
They is bomproof and therefore suitable for a
young rider who would like to start riding at national and international level. & nbsp;
She is good at the blacksmith and vet, and she doesn't take a step wrong on a walk either. & nbsp; In addition, she is a state predicate mare (West Failure) so also very suitable for breeding. & Nbsp;
This pony falls in the higher price class



Sire Pr. H. Marco
Sire of sire Casperhof's Freddy
s.s.s. Woldberg's Bart
Stubook preferent Wel. B
m.s.s. Turfhorst Mandy
Studbook preferent Wel. B
Dam of sire Sita
d.s.d. Tethworth Crimson lake
m.m.s. Mona
Hauptstutbuch Wel. B
Mother Do It
Stutbuch 2 DR
Sire of dam FS Don't Worry
s.s.d. FS Dacapo Doro
m.s.m. FS Golden Sunlight
ST. PR. ST. hauptstutbuch Dr
Dam of dam Victoria
Vorbuch 2 DR
s.d.d. Vulkan
d.d.d. Patricia
Vorbuch Dr