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Lithium M is a very sweet and good & nbsp; gelding born in May 2016, height 1.64m (he walks barefoot). Since foal in our possession and saddle broken by us this year and trained. He is super good and easy going, at the blacksmith, loading and traveling trailer, with saddling, etc. He goes with another horse in the paddock / pasture but can also stand alone. Very friendly towards people and loves attention! Has no (stable) defects. Fully inspected in June 2020, pictures are available.

He can be ridden relaxed or you can sharpen him if you want. & Nbsp; He is not spooky or spooky. & Nbsp; Under the saddle he is good and has a very light mouth, & nbsp; but it remains a young horse that can have brief moments of tension with something unexpected or imbalance / crazy movement of the rider. But you can sit with your leg on it. He will never prance, buck or be naughty, he has never done that with us in any case (in case of tension he can squeeze his buttocks for a moment or run a little faster but is ready within a few seconds). It is still green and the railing and connection are still unstable, so there is still work in it. But he has a good attitude, likes to work and can easily do transitions, counter gallop, collecting and widening.

He has never competed before and only ridden in strange terrain once (October 4). & Nbsp Then also & nbsp; for the first time & nbsp; ridden in a large inner box (with us we only have an outer box to drive in). The video of the first time on strange terrain can also be seen in this advertisement. He was very good! A video of scare training at our home can also be seen in the advertisement. We have not done any real rides yet, but we have walked in our yard and next to our land and he is good.

He is not suitable for a novice or insecure rider. & Nbsp; He is very good and relaxed with someone who can sit neatly in balance / still, who has a soft hand (hanging or pulling on the mouth is not possible) and who already has some experience with young horses or is not afraid of a talent. We also want a rider who is not very tall as he is only 1.64m and not very wide (the amazons in & nbsp; the videos are 1.60m and 1.70m, we prefer not more than that or a lighter rider / amazone).

Asking price € 10,000 exc VAT

The horse is located in Middelie (North Holland). Over-approval possible with DA of your choice at our location or max 30km away from us. Costs Buyer.

For more information and appointments, please app / call Laura: 0657702294


Sire Dundee M
Sire of sire Lord Leatherdale
Dam of sire
d.s.d. Sandro Hit
Sire of dam Gribaldi
Dam of dam