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Kazona loves the cross-country field Kazona is a sweet mare with a friendly nature and lovely to work with. She is reliable and loving Saddled, Kazona is very willing to work for her rider, which results in her sometimes being a bit hot-headed. It's important that she gets a lot of exercise so she can use her energy.  During eventing, her ears go forward and she's always looking for the next hurdle. In her enthusiasm, she can take a somewhat strong role. She loves water combinations, and this is a mare that almost certainly reaches the finish, which is a great feeling for a rider.  Kazona was first put in breeding and has as yet relatively little experience in the sport. However, this mare took part in the Dutch Eventing Young Horse Trials and showed a very positive growth there. Holstein bred with a good measure of English thoroughbred, that's Vittorio, sire of Kazona. Vittorio, that has also jumped internationally, is known for producing offspring that are uncomplicated, compliant and careful. These are really great features for top eventing horses, certainly if they're also lovely to ride too. Vittorio is a strong breeder which is also important for the eventing sport. Internationally-jumping breeder Vittorio was used for the Lester mare Rilona that has produced a stream of national dressage horses. She has solid Dutch blood with German influence. Her sire, Lester, has jumped at the very highest level of 1m60. And that's no coincidence, because this son of Lancer II was born out of the Julio Mariner XX x Gondelier mare, Hadette, that produced six offspring of which no fewer than three are classified at 1m60! 


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