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Philou: & nbsp;
Beautiful, healthy, elegant and with a very good hind leg moving filly (born 5/23/2020) by High Five US out of the well-known and proven Bertha line. from this line are many international competition horses and approved stallions emerged.

Father High Five US is a son of & nbsp; the imposingly moving Romeo. Direct and indirect descendants of Charmeur score well in the sport and on inspections. High Five US was registered in the studbook with a total score of 81 points and for the individual & nbsp; parts was his lowest point an 8. Offspring do well at studbook and foal inspections.

Mother Eleonora is a daughter of the well-known & nbsp; and highly sought after & nbsp; preferent stallion Vivaldi. Philou is her third foal. The first foal was auctioned at Sell Deurne and is now being released in the sport in England. Her 2nd foal is now 5 year old mare who (after completing all classes) now started M2 becomes. & nbsp; This mare, like grandmother, is still in our possession. & Nbsp; Grandmother

Grandmother Zubertha is a sport elite mare who, besides Eleonora, has several well-moving children and grandchildren. She is released in the Z2.

Philou has a good size, & nbsp; has a beautiful head, a correct one build and lots of looseness.
Promise for the future (sport and / or breeding) & nbsp; at a normal price in which 5 generations of proven dressage genes are represented in a row. & nbsp;

information: & nbsp; 06-13 01 85 85 & nbsp;


Sire High five US
Sire of sire Charmeur
s.s.s. Florencio I
m.s.s. Trendy
elite, pref, prok
Dam of sire Vurona
elite, pref, pres, ibop, sport
d.s.d. Negro
m.m.s. Murona
pref,prest, elite, prok
Mother Eleonora
stb-ext, prok
Sire of dam Vivaldi
s.s.d. Krack C
m.s.m. Renate-Utopia
ster, pref, pres
Dam of dam Zubertha
elite, prok, ibop, sport
s.d.d. Son de Niro
d.d.d. Rubertha
ster, prok