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We hereby offer our sweet and very beautiful pony Milo.
Because of the switch to the horses.
Milo is 9 years old and 153cm and rides Z2 dressage, he also likes to jump and in drive into the forest. Milo is a very sweet and affectionate pony who would love to work for you, as are his parents and grandparents who are all high in the sport and have run.
He has spacious gaits.
We trained Milo himself, and have & nbsp; been at many beautiful locations such as that we participated 3x in the promise training, & nbsp; 1x Gelderland championships, & nbsp; 3x Brabant championships, 3x reserve champion and & nbsp; 2x Kring champion. , vet, in the stable, etc ...
Is always neatly dewormed and vaccinated.
Milo is a real sport pony and therefore less suitable for a & nbsp; novice rider. & nbsp;
Milo is in the higher price range.
Inspection is possible at the expense of the buyer.
For more information please call: 06-43066088 or mail to


Sire Watermill Falcon
Sire of sire Orchard Boginov
s.s.s. Verona's BO-GI
m.s.s. Orchard Perestrojka
Dam of sire Orchard's Bonne Louise
d.s.d. C Cocky Dundas BB
m.m.s. Upperten Golden Jeanne
Mother Mistral
Sire of dam De goede ree now or never
s.s.d. IP Highmead Duty free
m.s.m. Bijsterhof's First lady
Dam of dam Ilona
s.d.d. Vitano
d.d.d. Quinta


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Boxmeerse Dressuurdagen 30-8-2020 Z2 dressuur 1
Boxmeerse Dressuurdagen 30-8-2020 Z2 dressuur 1
Outdoor dressuur Beuningen 15-8-2020 Z2 dressuur 1