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Great fine gelding for sale!
this is Look at me now. And he lives up to his name as a real eye & nbsp; catcher.
Look is a very good 4 year old who works well from a foal onwards. We have bred him ourselves, made him saddle tame and trained him. & Nbsp; He has picked up all this flawlessly up to now.

He has been approved as a 2.5 year old as well as clinically and radiographically. & Nbsp;
Look is a horse that is easy to ride and has 3 good gaits, shows a good jump despite his inexperience and is also not averse to a forest ride, both alone and with several.
He knows course jumping and is this week for the first went on jumping practice. He also jumped very little.
& nbsp; dressage moderate he has a good basis and & nbsp; the principles of side gaits and picks up this very well. & Nbsp;

He is good at the blacksmith, & nbsp; recently went to the dentist, osteopath and obediently walks onto the trailer.

I drove his mother myself and this was also a very nice mare. He has done little in sports because of an injury. Ran M jumping in training, B practice cross and M dressage in training. (See last 2 photos) & nbsp; https: //

His brother & nbsp; Experience of Jumpilot may be higher by 1.35 in the meantime. & Nbsp;

For more info you can always contact us. & nbsp; Videos on request.
& nbsp; +31 6 42 09 30 24
+31 6 14 85 32 86 pedigree / 1860732 / look-at-me-now


Sire Dakar
1.45 spr
Sire of sire Cardento
1.60 spr
s.s.s. Capitol 1
Dam of sire Nisolde
Pref, keur, pres
Mother Athene
Elite, ibop spr, D-oc
Sire of dam Concorde
1.60 spr
s.s.d. Saros
1.60 spr
Dam of dam Gambia
Ster, pref
s.d.d. Gondelier