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For sale
Long-lined and good moving colt.
Intro K x Vivaldi x Cocktail X Havidoff
From Nadine's damline.

Promise for the future


Sire Intro K
Sire of sire Apache
Keur Granprix Dressuur
s.s.s. UB40
Keur PSG/Inter I
m.s.s. Tolanda
pref Elite prest prok
Dam of sire Zastrade
D-OC pref voorl.keur prok prest
d.s.d. Rousseau
pref. Stb.
m.m.s. Nastrade
ster pref
Mother Jeseda
Sire of dam Vivaldi
Pref stb. PSG/Inter I
s.s.d. Krack C
Granprix dr.
m.s.m. Renate Utopia
ster prest pref D-OC
Dam of dam Reseda
prest ster prok pref
s.d.d. Cocktail
Granprix dr.
d.d.d. Malrove
pref ster prest