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Saddle up the horse and ride on! Both internally and on location!

A good start takes the horse with him for the rest of its life!
To give your horse a good start, you are at Natural HorseMo & nbsp; at the right place!

We train your horse to the level you want. For example, do you want to ride your horse yourself or do you want us to ride your first outside ride? You indicate the level to which you want to train your horse!

If you are interested or have questions, app / call 0637529596 or mail 

The horse will have a spacious clean stable with unlimited hay and goes out all day in a sandy paddock and / or meadow.
The horse is never alone, we always provide a companion next to the stable / paddock / pasture.
The horse is given mineral pellets and grass pellets once a day.

Our website contains several internal training courses for the horse. Look under internal training for the horse.