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Beautiful bay gelding. Only ruined in April so there are still some "stallion hormones" in it. He is a very sweet horse, likes to cuddle and is wonderfully pampered and cared for. Slightly hit. Controls walk, trot, canter, yield, shoulder in, etc. Is still "young" and insecure and still has a lot to learn. Therefore not suitable for a novice or insecure rider. Presentation is tough and impressive. With this horse you steal the show in every ring. I have only had it for a short time but had a major accident last month, which means that I will have to convalesce for a long time. With purchase (April 2020) also x-ray tested. Carta and passport of course present. Very good breeding line (sport line). I am looking for an owner who is not only looking for a "driving robot" but also wants to pamper, spoil and become "buddies" with him. Movies available on request.


Sire Ibero Cis
Sire of sire Deseado HCS
s.s.s. Sanson IV
m.s.s. Deseada LXVI
Dam of sire Entera Cis
d.s.d. Felido
m.m.s. Orgullosa XLIII
Mother Bella XXI
Sire of dam Pregonero
s.s.d. Vinatero III
m.s.m. Pregonera VIII
Dam of dam Quebrada III
s.d.d. Dadivoso XI
d.d.d. Avenida