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FOR SALE: Kallista L & nbsp;

Kallista is a five-year-old mare by Dark Pleasure x Ferro x Adgar, measuring around 1.66m. She has a friendly disposition and loves attention and cuddling. & Nbsp;

Kallista has three correct gaits, where the canter stands out. She naturally has a nice jump in the canter. She is trained at L / M level. She is safe to ride, she will not buck, rear up or run. She can be scared, like any horse, but that remains with one step jumping to the side. After a week of driving, you can't get on and drive away without having to lunged first.

Kallista is not sensitive or shiver, but does benefit from clarity from the rider. With an unclear rider she sometimes does not know what is expected of her, which can make her a bit restless. Even then she does not become dangerous, but then she no longer understands it and she becomes reluctant. So we are looking for a somewhat experienced rider who is not insecure and can offer her clarity. & Nbsp;

Kallista can also jump, which she does well, but she is still inexperienced in this (see video). She likes going out for a ride, and she walks forward with her ears. She can lead pieces but prefers to follow another horse or person. She is familiar with going along the road, she does this well. She doesn't mind cars, cyclists, other horses in the pasture, barking dogs, etc., she still finds big traffic a bit exciting, but if the rider stays calm, this will be fine. Kallista is also very good with trot and canter, and she loves a bit of racing (see video).

She stands still very well while brushing and saddling, even when she is loose (even when food arrives) (see video). She loves to tut and is therefore wonderfully still when you want to braid. & Nbsp;

She is now in the meadow in a small group, where she likes to tickle with other horses. She also remains calm when left alone or taken alone. & Nbsp;

Good at the blacksmith. Vaccinations in order, annual dental check-up. & Nbsp;

Kallista has never had a significant injury and has been x-rayed in 2018 including back and neck. & nbsp;

Price range: 10,000-15,000

For questions please app or call. 0636534729


Sire Dark pleasure
Sire of sire Ufo
s.s.s. Metall
m.s.s. Jufeera
Dam of sire Wild Pleasure
d.s.d. Jazz
m.m.s. Leandra
Mother Ocky
Sire of dam Ferro
s.s.d. Ulft
m.s.m. Brenda
Dam of dam Vicky
s.d.d. Adgar
d.d.d. Micky