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The fox Pia-Amanda (Alexandro P x Amanda II van Farrington x Jamanda van Zep x Unitas), born March 3, 2020. Pia-Amanda is the 11 filly (of which 10 by Alexandro P) by star pref Amanda II, after she was the first foal to produce the keur mare Eva-Amanda van Upperville.
Her full sister Kaya-Amanda (85 type, 80 movements) and Layla-Amanda (85/85) became reserve, respectively. NMK champion at the three year olds. Pia's grandmother is also the grandmother of the approved one stallion Henkie van Adelinde Cornelissen. Under the motto: "Never change a winning team, she brought the national team together with Alexandro P in 2017 champion foal Mia-Amanda. But Kaya-Amanda was also her year best foal, Jo-Amanda, Layla-Amanda and Godiva-Amanda were allowed as Reserve champion for the Gelder foals and their older brother Flip became third among the foals. As a three-year-old, Hanna-Amanda, Ida-Amanda and Jo-Amanda at the National Mare Show, where Hanna- and Layla-Amanda became champion and Ida-Amanda reserve champion. After Godiva-Amanda became reserve champion as a foal, she became this again as a four-year-old in the category four to seven year old mares. Ida- and Kaya will be released in pair driving and 2019 champion Layla-Amanda stands at the Schelstraete family for dressage.

The foal champion of 2017, Mia-Amanda is invited for the national inspection 2020 in Ermelo.

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Sire Alexandro P
keur ZZZ--dressuur
Sire of sire Koss
keur preferent Z dressuur
s.s.s. El Corona (=Amor x Doruto)
m.s.s. Erona (Goudsmid x Apollo)
keur pref
Dam of sire Itilde
keur pref
d.s.d. Satelliet (=Marconi x Geoloog)
m.m.s. Fitilde (=Uriant x Hoogheid)
Mother Amanda II
voorlopig keur pref
Sire of dam Farrington
s.s.d. Wellington (Nimmerdor x Lucky Boy)
1.60 springen
m.s.m. Onetty (Doruto x Selim)
Dam of dam Jamanda
keur sport Z dressuur
s.d.d. Zep (Goudsmid x Magneet)
d.d.d. Amanda (Unitas x Marconi)
ster prestatie pref