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Name: Farruco CXXIX
Gender: Gelding
Age: 13

Farruco is a beautiful, white gelding of 13 years old. He has a CARTA from his time in Spain, where he spent 7 years. Then another 2 years at a trading stable in the Netherlands before I bought it in 2016. & nbsp;

Farruco has only been neutered at the age of 9, so he sometimes thinks he is still a stallion, but has no stallions. It is a super sweet horse who does everything for you next to it and also loves a lot of groundwork, but with riding he needs someone who has a firm hand and is not afraid to show who is in charge.

The latter is why I unfortunately put it away after 4 years with a lot of pain in my heart. I can't ride him anymore, that's why he hasn't really been riding lately. & Nbsp; I'm sure if you're the right rider who shows you're in charge, he's running for you like gold. It can only be difficult with a test drive, because it has obviously not been driven for so long. The asking price is therefore for this!

You can have it examined clinically, but that is at your own expense. He does not easily go on a trailer, but that is something you can still teach him, that was not necessary for me. & Nbsp;

If you are interested, send me a message! It is located in Berkenwoude.


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