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Dazzle is a 3 year old (provisionally) approved Irish Cob stallion with a golden character and beautiful build and appearance.

Father (photo 10) is the Star Champion Stallion & nbsp; Deáglan Snorremans of Germania (height 1.50m). Mother (photo 8 & 9) is the Star mare Puzzle. I have been a puzzle for almost 20 years and is a super sweet and all-round horse (1.52 m). Puzzle has now bred 2 approved stallions and her descendants are among others in Finland, Canada and Germany.

Dazzle was 3 years old on May 21 and has a nice and open character. He grew up at home and was much in the hand as a foal. Then he went to a very nice neighborhood farm to grow up with peers. Since October 2019 he has been (but separately) with his mother on a cozy boarding house. Because of Corona there was no stallion inspection this year, but he has received a provisional approval for 2020 and 2021 for the stud service. If the new owner also wants to continue to use him as a stallion, he must still be inspected at the stallion inspection in 2021. Obviously Dazzle is in possession of a recent clinical approval report from the vet, Pssm free and DNA and color tested. Dazzle is currently 1.52m and will continue to grow.

The photos were taken last April, now it has developed even more into a real eye-catcher. He is very sweet and cuddly and when you start working with him the WOW factor shows up completely. Because of a hernia operation I have not taught him any further than some light lunging work but he is very eager to learn. So this is the chance to make it completely your own! It is of course also possible to castrate Dazzle and then you have a beautiful gelding! On the one hand, I think it is a shame if such a beautiful stallion is castrated, but for him it means a wonderful life as a gelding and really someone's buddy. He comes from 2 parents with great characters and you have a horse out of thousands on him! Just as important to mention, if you want to castrate him, he has not yet covered so no "wild stallion tendencies".

Dazzle can also be bought broken-in (at an additional cost), he will first go to a professional stable where it will be run fine and neatly. Dazzle only goes to a golden stable and falls in the higher price range.

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Sire Deaglàn Snorremans van Germania 0910874
Sire of sire Natwest 201210196
s.s.s. Paleface 201210197
m.s.s. Panda Mare NR
Dam of sire Aislinn 0910873
d.s.d. Coates Oliver -Gypsy Cob
m.m.s. Vines Mare -Gypsy Cob
Mother Puzzel
Ster & Werk
Sire of dam
Dam of dam