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I am looking for the perfect home for my sweet 6 year old mare (call sign: Bloody Mary). & Nbsp;

I bought Bloody Mary & nbsp; in 2018 and then she was away for two months to be taught. Since she is a sensitive mare, this was done with a lot of peace and love. Bloody Mary has not taken a step wrong (not bumped, not denied, not run it) and despite her insecurity, she has thrown everything into battle. She developed a close relationship of trust with the man who broke her in. Unfortunately, at the time she completed the drive-in process, I had neither the facilities nor the time to continue picking her up. In April 2019 I mated her with my own stallion and she was pregnant in one go. April 2020 she gave a beautiful palomino filly. However, I do not consider her suitable as a broodmare, because she gives everything to her foal. She was very thin; & nbsp; luckily full grass and lots of mare chunk did good. & Nbsp; Bloody Mary is in my herd on the pasture (24/7, summer and winter) and is doing very well, a social mare. As far as my knowledge is, she is perfectly healthy, but she has a flaw. She has staple legs in both her legs. There are no disadvantages with driving, but it is of course something that must be taken into account. Trimming is therefore something that must be done with a lot of patience. She has no stable defects.

Bloody Mary is really a cuddly ass and prefers to crawl in your pocket. & Nbsp; I therefore sell her & nbsp; only with a very good feeling. A place where she can go on pasture with other horse friends anyway and where she can be a horse. Someone with experience, peace and a lot of love, who is familiar with groundwork / natural horsemanship and who is looking for a horse until death separates each other. Are you that person and would you like to come and cuddle with this beautiful lady? Do not hesitate to send me a message!

I don't have a video, you can always come and view her great movements without any obligation.


Sire Antango
Sire of sire
Dam of sire
Sire of dam Stedinger
Dam of dam