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Velero XLIV is a beautiful PRE stallion in the coveted special colour Palomino. His coat shimmers like gold in the sun, in contrast to his white longhair - an absolute picture book horse. His build is harmonious and baroque, his neck is beautifully strong and his head expressive with a friendly eye. Visually, this is an absolute dream horse for people who like something special. But Velero has nothing to complain about in terms of character either. He is a friendly, open-minded and curious horse. He is absolutely well-behaved and easy to handle, even around mares. Under the saddle he is just as well-behaved and never has bad habits in mind. He has been ridden in all 3 gaits and is now waiting to be further developed. He also knows cross-country rides and always behaves reliably and does not show any jerkiness. He knows moving cars, motorcycles, running children and barking dogs and is not impressed by them. Velero has full ANCCE paper and is already approved. Because of this and his great color he is certainly interesting for color breeding.
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Location: Spain, transport can be organized worldwide.
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