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In the sales order: Indiano is a very special horse. With his special colour he catches the eye and stands out. Parents are PRE x Lusitano, but optically he is rather typical Lusitano, he has a very expressive, convex head and a faithful look with great eyes. In character he has inherited the best of both breeds. The courage and the fire of the Lusitano but also the gentleness and the faithful, intimate connection to the person of the PRE. Under the rider he is a horse that is absolutely fun. He is very motivated and always fully involved, wants to please his rider and do everything right. He is easy to ride and has comfortable, soft to sit gaits. He is currently ridden at M-S level. He jumps gallop changes, goes side gaits and masters the passage. Also in the cross-country he has strong nerves and is always with his rider. We can also imagine him well for working equitation. A horse for people who love the special. Indiano comes with an equine passport, without pedigree proof. Location: Spain, transport can be arranged worldwide. No liability for printing and spelling mistakes, errors and prior sale reserved. Video via WhatsApp: +491729256840


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