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Hereby I offer my great all-rounder.
I would like to continue in the (higher) dressage sport, and I will not make this handsome boy happy with that.

Together with this horse I have all dressage classes. from B to M2, and we were almost Z1 eligible to start until Corona came around the corner. In terms of training, he knows the exercise up to Z2.
In the meantime, there are some competitions on the agenda, so who knows that we will soon be classified Z1 as well.

Besides dressage, we have done SGW, in which we are entitled to start. Eventing is really where the heart of this horse lies, he jumps everything, is very happy outside and is super fast, so I think he would be very much in the right place with someone who would like to continue in the SGW. & Nbsp; This year I wanted to go further with him myself, but unfortunately this was also unsuccessful because of Corona.

Before he came to me he did ZZ-jumping, I did not do this myself. We did go through the B together and started L only once. Due to my own dressage ambitions and slight jumping anxiety, we did not continue this.

Colaro is always up for a fun ride, riding without a saddle, (only) & nbsp; on outdoor riding, walking, bitless riding: nothing is too much for him crazy. I have taken him several times to major events such as Horse Event, Horse Youtubers Live Event and Equiday, where he behaved super everywhere. He loves attention, he enjoys applause. Trailer loading goes with 2 fingers in the nose, it just does not trot.

Attached is a short video of some dressage. If you are seriously interested, more videos can of course be made. In the stable where Co is stabled, in addition to dressage and a jump, it is also possible to try him out on a small eventing course with a water bowl. A body protector is mandatory.

A good house is certainly more important than the asking price, but nonsense bids will not cheer anyone up.

Please first app or email before you call, because of school and I can't always answer the phone directly at work.


Sire Contendro II
1.55 M -spring
Sire of sire Contender
s.s.s. Calypso II
m.s.s. Gofine
Dam of sire Bravo
d.s.d. Reichsgraf
m.m.s. Ofarim
Mother J-Ohara
Sire of dam Calando I
1.60 M-spring
s.s.d. Cor de la Bryere
m.s.m. Furgund
Dam of dam Wurzel
s.d.d. Romino
d.d.d. Logik