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Wanted to rent for a longer period; property with stables and arena plus pasture.

we, couple of 46 and 36 with fixed income are looking for a property with at least 5 stables and arena plus land.
I myself am often wheelchair bound and can only maintain my physical health by means of horse riding (often several times a day).

We are looking for something in the countryside in Brabant, Limburg or at the front in Zeeland. Preferably an accommodation that is ready to move in with 5 to 8 inner stables, rowing box, possibly inner box, storage space for hay / straw and machines and a minimum of 1.5 Ha pastures / paddock. but must be in good condition, and must have a bathroom (preferably with a bathtub), toilet, large bedroom, kitchen and living room on the ground floor. Furthermore, it must have its own address / house number and letterbox, and an official residential destination must have been issued by the municipality (right to WMO provisions). A self-contained apartment in the back of a horse stable or a company home without a residential destination is therefore NOT what we are looking for.
What we are also not looking for is an empty stables with 50 boxes, and we are also NOT looking for a corridor to rent at a jumping stable.
We are really looking for something for ourselves with privacy, and that does not have to be shared with others.
Depending on what you have to offer, the rental price can be agreed upon.

with photos via e-mail.

Kind regards, Eve