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Hereby we put our reliable leather pony Boebas for sale!
We have enjoyed this for 2.5 years and would like to award someone else the same.
Boebas is suitable for & nbsp; a young rider who would like to learn how to dressage, jump , crosses or a recreational rider who would like to practice only equestrian sport in the woods. Boebas does like a long drive through the woods and also has experience with rides through the dunes and over the beach. & Nbsp;
Boebas is an & nbsp; NRPS pony with Arabic blood with which we want to say that it is still & nbsp; an appearance has a pony of 10 years old.
Boebas has covered many km's & nbsp;
Class D / E & nbsp; M2 dressage & nbsp;
Class D / E & nbsp; Z & nbsp; jumping
and experience with eventing! (Previous owner)

We didn't get that far ourselves because we think jumping is just a little too exciting.
jumping in class B is easy with him on style points because of his constant good canter! & Nbsp; < br> and the switches that are automatically on him.
We were allowed to go to the Brabant championships last year with Boebas because we became reserve champion in D / E class L2 & nbsp;
We ended up in 5th place . & nbsp;

Boebas is an extra large D-pony. So possibly an adult rider could also ride away. & Nbsp;

Boebas has no stable defects and is very good about blacksmith, & nbsp; trailer, and if he is shaved for example.
He loves attention and has all patience with you in the stable. & nbsp;
Boebas was clinically and radiographically approved in Aug 2017.

Boebas deserves a good new home. Traders do not have to respond.

greetings Jennifer & amp; Noémi & nbsp;

video & nbsp; on request & nbsp;


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