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For sale, & nbsp;
Steerwolde's Dior. Dior has been a saddle broker since December 2018 and is now running at L / M level. She became acquainted with competitive sport last summer and achieved good & nbsp; results in B and L dressage of up to 72%. & Nbsp; Dior is cool in the head, nice forward, not shivering or sensitive. Dior has a strong hindleg and is very tactile. Dior has a good walk, trot and a fantastic canter. Pony shows a lot of potential for the collection. With its black-brown color and four white legs, Dior is a & nbsp; chic appearance and a very sweet pony in the stable. & Nbsp;
Blacksmith and trailer drawers are no problem. Dior is very good at strange terrain. & Nbsp;
Dior has a good jumping ability, but given her age she is not trained for this. & Nbsp;

For more information: +31 6 14221433 & nbsp;
Prefer no whatsapp or e-mail. Call preferably.


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