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Beautiful 6 year old gelding. Negro x Akribori
This gelding with an impressive appearance is very happy.
It has three very good basic gaits and is only suitable for sensitive and more experienced riders.
Pleasant connection with the mouth and mainly worked on leg and seat aids.
Sensitive both in the saddle and in handling.
Is a horse that needs trust, not a hard hand or a hard approach!

Along the dressage training, this horse also has several months of jumping experience.(5 -6 months 2x different jumping exercises per week)
Water tank, fences, trays, etc. are no problem.
Has a very constant basic canter in the course. Easy to ride between the jumps
He jumped on training course from 1m - 1m 10. Practice competitions 80cm - 90cm

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Sire Negro
Sire of sire Ferro
s.s.s. Ulft
m.s.s. Brenda
ster, preferent, prestatie
Dam of sire Fewrie
keur, preferent , prestatie
d.s.d. Variant
m.m.s. Mewri
keur, preferent, prestatie, sport spr
Mother Axis of trichelhof
Sire of dam Akribori
s.s.d. Acord II
m.s.m. E - Laboe
Dam of dam Wolta
s.d.d. Onyx
d.d.d. Rialta
Keur, sport spr